Lester’s Diner is an authentic 50’s style restaurant and home to the infamous 14oz coffee cup. This signature landmark has been a family owned and operated business in South Florida for over 47 years. We have four locations serving Fort Lauderdale, Margate, Sunrise, & Pompano Beach.
BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER! Whether you’re on the go and just need a quick cup of coffee, a bowl of homemade soup, or decide you want to stay and enjoy a steak dinner with friends or family, Lester’s provides all your dining needs not to mention our sweet delicious Cakes, Pies, Danish, and Cookies of all makes and models baked fresh daily right here on our premises. Don’t forget whole cakes or pies are always available to take to your special occasions or holidays with family & friends as well.

Pomp Night Sign WOW! Lester’s Diner has out done itself again! With the latest addition to the Lester’s family diner chain it’s bringing the 50’s back to the future once again to Pompano Beach, Florida with it’s classic style decor and their infamous, “Baking done on premises Love”.
One of the most promising things to look forward to at Lester’s Diner of Pompano Beach, Florida is the menu hasn’t changed, the quality is still the best, & the family experience never stops. Originally founded in 1967 it gave way to the world famous 14oz coffee cup which has become an icon through-out the United States. This new location has already proven to continue that famous Lester’s Mary Monroelegacy which we have all come to admire over the many, many years with it’s excellent food at excellent prices, awesome service, and a decorative style that will literally take you back in time… No matter whether your in the North Broward, South Broward, East Broward, or West Broward areas of South Florida, we look forward to serving you at any of our 4 locations with pleasure… Whether you’re on the go and just need a quick cup of delicious coffee, a bowl of our best homemade soups, or decide you want to stay and enjoy a dinner with your loved ones, Lester’s still provides all your dining needs including our amazing dessert selections of all makes and models baked fresh daily on our premises not to mention our daily specials, all day every day!